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The following sets are all you ever need to trap beavers. We at the emporium highly suggest the use of 330 conibears. They are expensive, but in the end you will see more profit. Take our word for it. 330 CONIBEARS ARE THE BEST TRAP TO USE FOR BEAVER TRAPPING. However, snares may still be used. Foot traps can be used, but we have had much more success with the conibear and the snare.

The following are pictures of typical, easy to make beaver sets that are likely to produce.  Set #1 is the best one, set #2 is second best, and so on.

Set #1:  330 BANK SET


*Use sticks to stabilize and guide beaver into the conibear.
*Set the conibear in the middle of the channel.
*Trigger can be on top or bottom, but we at the emporium prefer the bottom.
*Set trap so trigger is on the end opposite you expect the beaver to enter the conibear.  This is so it is further in the conibear when it goes off, and more likely to get caught.
*Make sure you get those damn clips off!
*Stake it down so your catch will hopefully drift off away from the channel so it doesn't spook other beaver traffic.



*Make sure the trap is close enough to the dam that beavers from all angles will make it through.
*Set the trap high enough that there is a clear path through the conibear.
*If there is ice, look for open water on both sides of the crossover.  This is the indicator that the crossover has recently been in use.



*Stake at least 32" in the ground.  These fuckers can pull hard.  I've lost too many snared beavers.  I learned that hard way.



*Make big pile of mud and other shit to make your mound.  Adding a bit of castor lure to it is a good idea. 
*Make a ledge to set the trap on.  You want to target rear feet.
*Use at least 30 lbs of weight.
*Foot trap must be at least a #4.  We at the emporium have also successfully caught a beaver doubling up with 2 #2's.  No drowning necessary if you can catch one on two feet.

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