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We at the emporium have trapped numerous coons.  Our snare:foot trap:conibear ratio is roughly 2:2:1.  Coons are easy to catch before the ice freezes.  Afterwards, it is extremely hard and hardly worth trying.  Use foot traps 1.5 or 1.75.  Conibears- 220 or 330.  330 only if there is not a chance of catching domesticated animals. 



*This is absolutely the best set for coons.
*Stick a twig in your lure and poke it in the ground above the hole.  Lure is worth the 4 or 5 dollars you pay for it.
*For bait, anything will work.  Fish is the best.  We at the emporium have even caught a coon with a pop can as the only bait/lure.  Other baits that could produce a coon:  hot dog, marshmallow, corn, and slaw.
*Set trap approx. 8" from the hole, offset to one side.
*You can use a conibear for this set.

Set #2: SNARE


*Snares are great.
*Loop size varies from trapper to trapper.  Pictured above is the set-up we use.

Set #3:  CUBBY SET


*For the cubby set, use either a conibear or foot trap.
*Use sticks and/or chunks of tree bark to form the cubby.
*You can use the base of a tree as the back.
*Set along trails, or wherever you imagine a coon might see your set.
*The use of lure may be vital to your success.
*Bait: same as a water set.
*NOTE: Where theres is a possibility of catching someone's dog, avoid a conibear.
*We at the emporium use both 220s and 330s where dogs are not an issue.



*Form a backing out of weeds, dirt, brush, or a large rock behind the hole to prevent animals from accessing it from that end. 
*Dig a bed for the trap, and sift dirt and leaves over it lightly to disguise it.
*Lure is essential for this set, as it is inconspicuous.



*Cut slots in bucket for springs to rest in.
*Set alongside a tree for stabilization.  You do not want the bucket to roll around easily.
*Place trap so trigger is on the inside of the bucket so the coon is further in when it trips the trigger.

Ben and Jeff's trapping emporium