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The #1 thing you must do before trapping beavers is identify sign.  If you cannot identify beaver sign you might as well give up.  Luckily, we will show you just what to look for.
Picture #1: beaver chew
Picture #2: beaver chew
Picture #3: bank den
Picture #4: lodge
Picture #5: castor mound






If you find those things, you're probably in good shape.  Keep in mind, if the chew is brown or gray, ignore it.  Fresh chew is bright.
*Rule of thumb: You must find at least one occupied den/lodge prior to trapping them.  If you cannot find one, there is no place for them to live, and there probably aren't any beavers living there.
*It might be a good idea to take only two beavers out of a colony at a time, so they can reproduce and you can catch some next year.  If you just want the beavers gone, go get em.
*Be patient.  If they hear you splashing around in the water they will be spooked and probably won't come out right away. 

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