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The Beaver Den

Coon tips

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Coon sets
Beaver tips
Coon tips
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Trapping can be done before school.

*Efficiency is the key to trapping coons.  One must make use of their time and resources. 
*Hit the coons hard before the ice freezes.  Coon trapping is 10 times harder once the water freezes.
*Get snare cable and the parts and make your own snares.  You can make a plethora of snares for little cost.  Make sure to take advantage of the reusable snare parts.
*Feel free to be creative with your bait.  We have caught coons with many different things:  fish, mallows, corn, hot diggity dogs, shiny pop cans, etc.  Coons will be attracted to smelly and/or shiny baits.
*It is very possible to over-trap an area.  We have done that on the Troublesome Creek.  If you trap coons hard on your stretch of a creek, it will take time for coons to inhabit the area again.

Ben and Jeff's trapping emporium